29 March, 2008

Googles BLACK homepage

Today is Earth Hour. For one hour today everyone is encouraged to turn off all non-essential power for one hour to try and help conserve energy. Mainly, it's supposed to be from 8pm-9pm EST, but it can be done at any time today. Google will probably have it like that all day long though to show their support for it and also because people are from different time zones.

The most ancient language?

The most ancient language is SANSKRIT. Every language ever spoken on earth has its roots in SANSKRIT. It is called the language of the gods. Learn Sanskrit and you can learn and understand ANY other language easily, because you'll come across many words which youve already used in sanskrit.


Mother in German : Mutter

In English: Mother

In Sanskrit : Mathrushree

Its been alleged that since people in western countries started eating meat, their toungues grew thick, and were unable to pronounce the words, and twisted them to give meaning.