01 June, 2008

Ever dreamt of becoming a graffiti artist?

Did you ever felt within yourself when you saw some graffiti, the
desire to spray one by yourself? But you don’t want to spray something
at other people buildings, or you don’t have the money to do so. Or you
even want to stop to do it, then here is the website for you.

The Website Vandalsquad.com

I just found today this cool website, VandalSquad
,by accident. It have been around quite awhile, since 2002 to be
correct. On their website you have the possibility to spray graffiti.
The site is made like a Blacklist of Graffiti sprayers which are
searched by the LRPD, you can view at their website also 2 million
graffiti(as they tell) created by other sprayers, the graffiti can also
be voted. The more popular you’re the more you’re searched…

Spray the hell out of yours

You have two possibilities to spray, the first one is online and the
other one is as application which you have to download before.

Spraying Online

The online Graffiti spraying somehow didn’t work, but as much as I
have read it should be the same as the download version, just with one
limitation that you don’t have that much graffiti backgrounds.

Spraying Offline

After you downloaded and installed the Software, you can start
spraying. You have just one graffiti Background, which should be enough
for the beginning to see if you like to spray graffiti. If you want to
make more graffiti after the first one you can go online and grab
around 20 different surfaces for it. Most of them shows trains or
buses, but you have also a helicopter, tank, and a so called wallman
available for download.

You can have the choice out of around 50 colors, which can be
sprayed in different thickness as well as distance. And you can use a
pen to make more filigree jobs. If you sprayed something wrong, that’s
not worse you can simply undo it.

At any time you can preview your work to see how it will look as a
whole, as most graffiti Surfaces are too big to fit in as whole.

When you’re finish with your work you can Save it, which will just keep
it local on your hard drive but not as jpg or so. It’s stored within
the surface file or so in some format you can’t use. You also have the
possibility to upload your graffiti it to vandalsquad.com so other
sprayer can view your masterpiece, and maybe you get the most wanted
graffiti sprayer once?

BOOMBox rocks!!

I got my hands on the BOOMBox software today. Im stuck with a dialup connection, and felt I had a broadband when presented with what BOOMBox had to offer!! Man...This thing ROCKS!!! Take it from me...I dont give that rating just to any software I come across.

Though, the software doesnt have a bundled player, it does a good job of indexing various radio stations throughout the internet. Whats more? It allows you to search according to the genre you're interested in!

It indexed radio stations that winamp, and real player missed out on!.This is the real deal.

Check their site here.

Iam recommending this software to all my friends and to you! Until the next article, chao!