11 March, 2008

d3dx_??.dll missing ?

This message is commonly found while starting direct X applications such as games. This is one message a software pirate should be aware of. This normally happens with ripped off games wherein the games installed version is given out instead of the games installation itself. All you have to do is hit up the message in google, go to one of the sites, and then place the downloaded dll file into the folder in which you have the game. This is normally caused due to programs which remove fake files to free up disk space. Eg : System Mechanic


This message is normally followed with consecutive error messages of the same kind, so this is a pretty iterative process. Once you have all the files, you are ready to rock!

Alternative : Instead of placing the files within each games' folder if you have it missing in many games, you can place it in a system wide directory such as c:\windows\system32. This will ensure all games have access to these files.

Running Programs in Windows Compatibility Mode


Often times we don’t have the option of updating a software package when a new operating system comes along. Trying to run legacy software in a new operating system has always been a challenge, but XP does make it a bit easier and may have the solution for balky software. If you have a program which is crashing under XP but worked well under a previous version of Windows, give Compatibility Mode a try. Follow the steps below.

Navigate to the directory that contains the program executable.
(For this example I’m using WinZip)
C:\Program Files\Utilities\WinZip
Right click on the program executable (it ends in .exe) and click [Properties]
A screen similar to the one below should appear.

Click the [Compatibility] tab to open the WINZIP32.EXE property sheet.

Click the [Run this program in compatibility mode for:] box and select the operating system you wish to invoke compatibility for from the drop-down menu.
If you want to place restrictions on colors, screen resolution, or visual themes pertaining to this program use the appropriate check boxes.
Click [Apply] then [OK] to exit the property sheet.

Test the application and if necessary change your selection to a different operating system until you find the compatibility mode which offers the greatest stability.

Enable/Disable Notification Area Balloon Tips


This tweak disables the annoying balloon tips that appear adjacent to the Notification area.

The [Notification Area] is on the right side of the Taskbar, adjacent to the Clock display.

  1. [Start] [Run] [Regedit]
  2. Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
    Modify/Create the Value Data Type(s) and Value Name(s) as detailed below.
  3. Data Type: REG_DWORD [Dword Value] // Value Name: EnableBalloonTips
  4. Setting for Value Data: [0 = Balloon Tips Disabled / 1 = Balloon Tips Enabled]
  5. Exit Registry and Reboot


what were you looking for?

i dunno how this irc thing works dude !!!

i need help understanding this irc.......

and when i finally connect to anyroom full a lackeys, it comes with a message saying this room is moderated, signup with blah blah first

theres servers connected to each other forming a network - you connect to one of them and join channels in which people are and chat :D

channels have modes like +m which doesn't allow people without voice/op to talk

or +M which means you'll have to be authed with the servicebot of this network -> Q

You can´t REGISTER nicknames on QuakeNet - you can AUTH with Q (the Main Servicebot on QuakeNet). You might also want to read the FAQ ( http://www.quakenet.org/faq/faq.php?c=1&f=51#51 ) before using /msg Q hello your@email your@email


alright.but i filled up the thing in the same format and the bots started showing all sortsa errors.....dunno whats the deal

do i have to sign up on some sites?

to enter their irc channels?

nope some channels are just invite only (+i) or password protected (+k) or you have to be registered which means you have to be authed with Q to join (+r)


This was a conversation I had with a pretty helpful mod at #idsoftware...it helped me a lot....hope will help you too....peace