12 July, 2008

Stupid reasons why JAVA beats .NET :

The answer is a BIG "yes" if you ask me! Though some might argue that these
so called frameworkswere built for different purposes, there are a few
applications that can be built with both. For example web applications.
JAVA has the J2EE libraries and .net has, well ASP.net . Java counters with
JSP if I forgot to mention.

So, why do I like JAVA more than .net?

Reason #1: JAVA suppports an open source mindset, .NET does NOT

Reason #2: With all the inherant complications, JAVA seems like a tough nut
to crack. Ever heard the saying, girls dig complicated guys?? Something like that

Reason #3: .NET just makes things even more complicated by providing an IDE with
drag and drop, and at the same time introducing complex concepts such as assembly,
GAC's and what not. Im thinking of removing .net from my resume', you know why?
Ive never heard a saying which goes "Girls dig overly complex, nerds".

Reason #4: JAVA always gave me options, for example, if I wanted to develop a web
application, I can do it with a JSP page, or an HTML page with a servlet back end.
Yeah, .NET does it too, with its ASP.net, but I never got to use the full functionality
of the libraries, simply because, there are complex types which profess to do stuff, but dont,
or there are variables where there should have been none. If you're an avid .NET programmer you'll know.

Reason #5: JAVA was made by SUN microsystems, whose SOLARIS isnt that much of a money grabber.
And, .net you know, was made by Microsoft...Oh, I always hated Microsoft! Corporate dominance
makes me sick to my stomach!

If you were expecting a complete technology comparison like I do everytime, sorry to disappoint you,
wasnt in the mood today!!