02 February, 2009

3 damn good reasons to switch over to Linux:

1. Free as in freedom :
Almost 99.9% of Linux’s source code is released as open source. This means you can modify the code and redistribute it as you see fit. This means lesser lawsuits and lesser hassles in gaining updates.
There was a point in software time when anything free was considered buggy, incomplete or plain pointless. That might be then, but this is now. Linux has grown into one of the most advanced OS out there, and how! The penguin has come a long way indeed.

2. Surf the net without fear:
Yes, you read it right. Linux separates the root user from other users, thus restricting user privileges, and drastically reducing the chances of catching a virus. There are around 40 malwares in circulation, but almost 32 of them do nothing harmful, and are intended to point out security loopholes within Linux’s kernel. 6 of the remaining rest are dangerous and 2 are Trojans. If you’re still worried of catching a Linux virus, why don’t you resort to the age old solution- Go get yourself a free antivirus.

3. No more bloated OS: Linux makes a lot of room for your programs:
In fact, I’ve been using a PCLinuxOS installation on my PC for the past 2 months, and I’ve Installed a lot of software’s for Linux from Unreal Tournament 2004 to NVidia’s latest graphic drivers. Linux leaves a lot of room for your stuff, and doesn’t slow down one bit!!