14 April, 2008

Go Free for Legal :

Here's a list of some commercial software, and their open source equivalents :
Commercial Open source Exists on Windows?
Adobe Illustrator (~$500) Inkscape Yes
Adobe InDesign (~$700) Scribus Yes
Adobe Photoshop (~$600) The GIMP Yes
Adobe Premiere (~$800) Kino, Cinelerra No
Adobe Reader (free) Evince, Kpdf, GV No
Apple iTunes (free) AmaroK, Rhythmbox, Banshee No
Autodesk 3ds Max (~$3500) Blender Yes
Autodesk Maya (~$7000) Blender Yes
Kazaa (free) aMule, eMule Yes
Microsoft Excel (~$200) OpenOffice Spreadsheet Yes
Microsoft Internet Explorer (free) Firefox, Konqueror Yes
Microsoft Office (~$400) OpenOffice Yes
Microsoft Outlook (free) Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail Yes
Microsoft Powerpoint (~$200) OpenOffice Presentation Yes
Microsoft Windows Media Player (free) Mplayer, VLC, Totem, Kaffeine, Xine Yes
Microsoft Word (~$200) OpenOffice Word Processor Yes
MSN Messenger (free) Pidgin, Kopete, aMSN Yes
Nero (~$100) K3b, Gnomebaker No
Palm Desktop (free) Gnome-Pilot, KPilot No
Quark XPress (~$800) Scribus Yes
QuickTime Player (free) Mplayer, VLC, Totem, Kaffeine, Xine Yes
Winamp (free) AmaroK, Rhythmbox, Banshee No

Why is LINUX better?

>Forget Viruses


>Dont pay $300 for your OS


>Almost no fragmentation of your disk! This results in max performance!

>Tired of restarting all the time?


OpenSUSE 10.3 ROCKS!!!!

yaw ppl. Im writing this form within openSUSE 10.3 and I gotta admit, this OS ROCKS!!! Its got everything of what you would expect in windows - the piracy !!

> A gr8 office suite (http://openoffice.org)

> Easy YaST installations, easier than Windows Setup!!

>An intuitive interface that hides the underlying power, yet doesnt compromise flexibility

>Very easy to use even for a novice XP user!

> NOT hard on resources. You can run this OS with 128 megs of RAM!

> Wine compatible. That means, you can run all your Windows games, apps from within Linux!!