30 June, 2008


Want to surf the internet without revealing your IP address, cokies or any other information about the sites you visit? use the free anonymous browsing service on Anonymizers' home page, and it displays the page you want!



Rollyo is short for "roll your own search engine", which means, you can create a custom selection of search engines and topics and then share the resulting "roll" with others. The free site provides logged-in users some starter rolls of its own, as well as lists of topic targeted rolls created by celebrities and other "high rollers". You can add your Rollyo search rolls to Firefox's search engine toolbar and post your roll on your own blog or web site just by copying and pasting some HTML code.

Trend Micro HouseCall

If installing antivirus and antispyware isnt an option on your pc - or if you use the machine at an internet cafe, do yourself a favor, and visit this site. Trend Micros' software runs in your browser to scan and eliminate malware in your computer.

Panda Activescan

If your antivirus software is on the blink, dont despair. Just stop by panda softwares' site for a free system scan. You'll have to download an applet, surrender your e-mail address, and use internet explorer (or firefox with the activeX plugin, if there is one!) for the duration of the scan.Panda detects and disinfects most forms of malware and will alert you to (but not fix) spyware infestations.

Get it here :


Made in china? Bye bye logitech!

I am writing this article from my new keyboard, because the keyboard I have been using for the last 14 years had stopped working!I miss my old keyboard a lot, and the noise it used to make when I typed in glorious abandon. Anyways, the old keyboards not what this article is about. Its about the new keyboard.

I went to a couple of hardware stores today, and was fascinated at the variety of keyboards available. "Give me a keyboard thats cheap" is what I told the store guy. "Right away sir", he said, with a huge smile. I finally got my hands on my new keyboard. "How much?" I asked. "150" came the reply. 150 rupees is like $4 !I quickly opened the box, to find a fairly handsome piece of hardware in my hands.I was awestruck that such a good piece of hardwares' cost was so low. I turned over the keyboard to find the words "Made in China" written.

As soon as I saw that, I decided it must not be worth the money. So, I asked for a "branded" keyboard. "Logitech will do" I told the store keeper. I was flabberghasted to find the price of a basic keyboard was 450 rupees!! I went for the chinese model, and Im happy I saved myself the 300 rupees!

The moral of the story is that though "top brands" claim to produce quality hardware, there are many other vendors who are never noticed. These companies mainly cater to people like me, and what a bunch of happy customers we are!! Ive promised never to turn to logitech again. Oh, and did I mention?...The keyboard has a warranty of 5 years. Thats good enough for me!!