22 June, 2008

The hunt for a job ...

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for me, so haven't been able to get myself to write articles for this blog.

The job offer I had got from Sapient, is almost a distant dream now, as they have "postponed" the joining dates to NEXT july! This comes as a shock to me and many of my friends who were looking to get our BE degrees and go onto join companies as software developers. Our previous batches which had got placed in other companies have been asked to go "home", thanks to the US Dollar recession.

We've been waiting at the tips of our toes to join the companies and what do the seniors tell us?..That they have been kicked out of the companies for no reason whatsoever. The companies are quick to ascertain that their companies arent the only ones doing it... Its like the whole industry has come crashing down!

I got a call 2 weeks earlier from Sapient informing me of this "unfortunate" situation. I asked the HR person to honestly tell me whether or not I would really get a job as promised by them. She said in a confident manner that my employment with them was valid for life, unless I was caught for bad behavior, or ill performance, both of which cannot occur since I havent yet joined their company!

Weeks, After getting a satisfactory answer from them, I got a letter which said, all the things I mentioned above, and went on to drop a bomb at the end :


But your employment with Sapient cannot be guaranteed. Thank you. ..."

Now, I have decided to bring into action my contingency plans. I had almost completed a GNIIT course which guaranteed me a developers job. It was a 3 year course and Ive already completed the 2 years. The third year is supposed to be an industry orientation, in which we'll be sent to a company for onsite projects, and if lady luck shines, we'll get placed in the same company. Im just waiting for my degree, after which I can do this...The results ought to come out by the next month...