01 February, 2009

Emulation on the PSP:

I haven’t installed a single game on my PC after I brought my PSP. I almost feel as if I should’ve purchased it EONS ago. What really is the point of upgrading your PC< when you can do everything, except programming, on your PSP?? And you can carry the PSP everywhere you go! What was that? Lack of functionality? Not many options when it comes to gaming? Earth calling to .

Have you checked the homebrew community? They have everything from new games to friggin alarm clocks for the PSP. I have also seen some REALLY good programmers put out everything from emulators for the N64 on a PSP to a Linux port that runs on the PSP. Do you have any idea as to the humongous library of games that are available for even one of these consoles? That in itself is a HUGE advantage. Add to that portability.

If you are able to play that classic game of Mario Kart 64 on your flight, isn’t that everything you ever dreamed of ? Add to that watching movies, recording, and camera snaps. Isn’t that what most people use our PC’s for?

And I have also beta tested a bit torrent downloader for the PSP. To me, the PSP is the single most dominant piece of hardware that I have around me at all times. Whatever Sony’s intentions were in making this piece of hardware, I’m sure they hadn’t expected it to be used thus? Laugh on Nintendo and your army of fan boys ?