11 March, 2008

Running Programs in Windows Compatibility Mode


Often times we don’t have the option of updating a software package when a new operating system comes along. Trying to run legacy software in a new operating system has always been a challenge, but XP does make it a bit easier and may have the solution for balky software. If you have a program which is crashing under XP but worked well under a previous version of Windows, give Compatibility Mode a try. Follow the steps below.

Navigate to the directory that contains the program executable.
(For this example I’m using WinZip)
C:\Program Files\Utilities\WinZip
Right click on the program executable (it ends in .exe) and click [Properties]
A screen similar to the one below should appear.

Click the [Compatibility] tab to open the WINZIP32.EXE property sheet.

Click the [Run this program in compatibility mode for:] box and select the operating system you wish to invoke compatibility for from the drop-down menu.
If you want to place restrictions on colors, screen resolution, or visual themes pertaining to this program use the appropriate check boxes.
Click [Apply] then [OK] to exit the property sheet.

Test the application and if necessary change your selection to a different operating system until you find the compatibility mode which offers the greatest stability.


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