15 January, 2008

Pirates of Cyberspace: An end to the worlds intellectual property rights


In ancient Babylon, lived a king, whose only dream was to gather all the books of knowledge from all around the world. And to his subject's amazement, he did! But in a great fire, alas, all his books were lost. This is what happens when knowledge is segregated.

We couldn't care less if Google updated its logo, or if Microsoft changed their name. The price they're putting on the knowledge they possess is far too great for any one man to afford. For, such knowledge is simply price-less!! I do believe that if given an opportunity each and every human can contribute to the answers. Considering human population, it should be worth the gamble.

Piracy is not just regarded as a form of theft anymore.Its more than that, its a religion. We pirates are nothing more than men and women fighting for free knowledge. A feeling we have all begun to love and cherish. We are people who believe all knowledge must be free. It is the way all great civilizations have grown in the past.

We have some legends amongst us too. "aXXo", "dopeman", "toed - The one eyed dude" , "LOL" just to name a few. We look upto these people not because they give us free stuff, but because of their strength and resilience to persist at what theyre doing in spite of the FCAA breathing down their necks!

The word "Piracy" got a new meaning when "The Pirate Bay" went online. They had their fair share of "corporate giants", such as "EA" trying to put them out of business. The site was down a couple of times. But, in the end, "The Pirates" stood tall, among people who knew nothing but to manipulate the world to their own selfish needs. THESE are the people who make pirates. These are the living legends all humanity must be thankful to.

Well, thats my argument anyway. You could consider the above, or you could just say we're a bunch of stingy leprechauns. Say what you may,but you still cant stop us, and thats the way its gonna be! Anarchy?

I rest my case...


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