29 February, 2008

Boot your PC without actually booting up!

I have a VIA mother board. I kept tinkering around with it, and one day discovered that when I put Windows on stand by, the computer actually seemed to shut down very fast. I switched on the power to the computer and found myself staring at the desktop! I was awestruck, and amazed. I thought I didnt observe the status of the PC properly before switching it on. But when it happened again, I started using it as a replacement for hibernation. Even movies, which were left playing would resume from that very instant, since when the PC was put on stand by!


It took me a lot of time to learn how it really worked. Im gonna share the secret with you. When I put the PC on stand by, what actually happened was the systems' state, that is, the RAMs contents were stored as long as power was on. Thus making it persistent. But, the power was being consumed in the process. As a result, when the power button was pressed again, the computer comes back to life, as if coming back from a stand by state. I think the same mechanism is used to conserve power in laptops too. Heres how I did it :

1. Boot your PC and enter the BIOS.

2. Goto the Power Management options.

3. Look for an option called "Enable S3" and set it to enabled.

4. Configure your Windows such that whenever you press the POWER button, it actually goes into standby.

5. You're all set! Check to see if it works!


I have seen the same happen to many other PC's fitted with VIA motherboards. So, if you have one, theres a good chance you'll be able to get this to work! Good luck !


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