26 February, 2008

Does Windows Vista really beat XP? I think NOT!

Windows XP might just be the most stable OS that Microsoft has built. I thought of trying Vista a few days back, and installed it. The installation went smoothly. No hassles at all. I must say Microsoft has put in a lot of effort into this software, but it quite doesn't cut the cake. The GUI looked great, what with its new "Aero Glass" interface. I have a medium-high end PC, with 512 + 128 MB RAM, and a 128 MB GeForce FX graphics card. I don't see XP complaining!

In my view, a good OS is one which runs on most Pc's with minimum resource consumption. Provided my spec's people using XP would say its pretty fast, but on Vista, i found myself at a loss! The OS itself hogs around 500 - 600 MB of RAM!! When the OS was installed without any software, it was fairly fast, but after installing a couple of applications such as Office '07, it began to slog. The loading times for Vista seemed to double in subsequent restarts. And after installing the newly released Norton '07, Vista went Kaboom!

Even notepad took a long time to load, and everything on my desktop seemed to do the vanishing act every now and then. "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" is screamed out loud! I should actually thank god for giving me the good heart. I didnt uninstall my previous XP installation. It just sat at a corner of my HDD sulking about my new found obsession. I came back to XP and said "Home.......SWEET SWEET HOME!!".

If youre a user trying to migrate to Vista, I would recommend otherwise. The hassles of giving up on performance and embracing eye candy are many. You will actually miss the customization that all of us are so used to in XP. On top of all this Vista seems to index a particular folder again and again, every time you visit it.


XP is the most widely used OS right now. It will be years until after which it will be declared a dead OS. It is one of the most stable and customizable OS I have ever used, and believe me when I say this : Its the best Windows OS out there! Try Vista, if your Hard disk is empty or you have a high end system with 2 GB RAM and a 1 GB Graphic card. But I know I'll be using XP for a long, long time...At least until Vista gets 3 service packs! Until then, its Bye Bye Vista!

Installation : 9.0 [ Hassle Free! ]

User Interface : 9.0 [ One of the best UI's I have seen around on an OS! ]

Performance : 3.0 [ I have seen Vista screw up and it does it pretty well!]

Disaster recovery : 2.0 [BSOD, restart are the only solutions Microsoft can STILL think of! ]

Backward Compatibility : 7.0 [ Most of my XP proggies ran on Vista ]

Disk Space required : 5.0 [ I believe NO operating system should exceed 1.5 GB]


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