27 February, 2008

How to download virus/ Trojan free stuff off torrent sites :

My first experiences with torrent sites was very awkward. I ended up downloading an anti virus software archive, which itself had a Trojan embedded! Sure, torrent sites, have a lot to offer, but beware! There are things you should be careful about :

  1. Don't download Anti Virus packages without first installing an antivirus! Yes, maybe your old antivirus is screwed up, but it can atleast help you overcome threats if they emerge from within the newly downloaded antivirus!
  2. Download "Scene Releases". These are stuff released by groups, most of which are trying to make a name for themselves. So, theyd be most careful not to include any viruses/ Trojans. These are also the people who give out quality stuff. Axxo, dopeman, Toed just to name a few.
  3. Never switch off your firewall when downloading. Use port forwarding if you're not getting speeds. Malicious hackers are everywhere and your PC just broadcasts its address into the bit torrent network whenever you put something for download.
  4. Most torrent sites have a forum style comment system for each and every torrent. So be sure to view the comments, to see if every user using the torrent is satisfied. Dont expect to see hymns being sung about the uploader but see to it that all users who have written comments have atleast not commented about the torrent containing a Trojan or virus.
  5. The above is also the case with video downloads. Sometimes you'll have to wait a lot for videos/ Large games, so make sure the torrent is worth downloading.


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