28 February, 2008

Is your Windows XP sluggish? contemplating re installation? Here's a much better solution!

We all have our operating systems customized just the way we want them. This is especially the case in windows. How many times have you re installed your Windows complaining of sluggishness? A newly installed Windows tends to give the user an impression that there's not a better OS under the sun in terms of speed. On the contrary, you're bound to soon discover that, upon installation, Windows XP seems to run slower and slower with each passing day. Like I thought previously, re installation isn't the only solution. It seems the simplest solution is to create another account and give it administrator privileges! YES!! This is the holy grail for Windows XP users. Log into your new account, and delete the old one! Its as simple as that! You will have all of your programs intact, and also gain a lot of performance! BELIEVE ME!! This works!

To create a new user account with administrator privileges :

1.  Go to start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts.

2. You will see a listing of all user accounts on your computer, and some options.

3. Selct "Create a new account".

4. Type in the Username for the new account.

5. The next screen is important! Select "Computer Administrator", and then select "create account". VOILA!! All you have to do now is logoff the current user, and login with the newly created account!


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