10 February, 2009

Frostwire VS Bit torrent :

Recently, I started pitting utorrent, vs other torrent apps and torrent apps in general against frostwire. I noticed a lot of differences in download speeds of the same file on both networks.


> The file downloads much more quickly on frostwire.

> Even a well seeded torrent with ports forwarded and what not still leaves something to be

desired in terms of speed.

> Frostwire downloaded a 1 GB file from beggining to end with almost the same speeds.

> Torrent trackers tend to delay completion so that the torrents are seeded longer. Thus

the waning effect in terms of speeds when downloading from bit torrent.

File Diversity:

> Almost the same on both networks. Although, I think MUCH older RARER files are available

on the Gnutella network.


> Bit Torrent Requires a centralised "Tracker" to account and co-ordinate file transfers.

> Frostwire doesn't require any such thing. Direct transfer between two peers.

> Torrents may be public or private depending on which the torrents are posted on servers.

User base:

> Its a proven fact that the Gnutella network has a higher user base than the bit torrent network.


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