25 February, 2008

How to get ANY game running on your PC !!

The following tutorial assumes that you have a minimum spec. graphic card such as the NVidia GeForce FX 5200 or something similar with a video RAM of atleast 64 MB.

  1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. The latest DX version is also recommended.
  2. You have to tweak the game to run optimally on your pc. The same rule holds no matter which game youre tweaking.
  3. Games these days integrate an "options menu" into their games. Normally found on the starting screen. Go through the game menu and find it.
    Older games/ games from Atari also configure themselves from an external "Launcher" program. These are normally found in the same installation directory as the game.
  4. Go through the configuration settings, go to the "video settings" and make sure everything is set to "low". Some games offer sliders to bring down the level of detail, so keep your eyes open.
  5. Decrease the resolution within the game to about 640x480. This should make the game run faster on most systems, but then again, quality is lost out.
  6. Run the game again. This time you'll find that the game runs faster!
  7. If you still wanna tweak it, get a patch for the game. Patches sometimes support older graphic cards and ensure compatibility.
  8. If "EAX environment sound" or "Hardware acceleration for sound" is enabled, you can disable it to gain some performance. This is especially useful if your game produces "stuttered" sound.
    Always look to play in "software" modes, rather than in "hardware" accelerated modes. This is becausethe "software" modes use the CPU contrary to the "hardware" accelerated modes' GPU usage. As your CPU's are always faster than your GPU's(assuming there is one), you can get a major performance gain.
  9. Make sure you got ample hard disk space on your drive(YES, the one the game is INSTALLED on, and on drive C). Some games need to write their SAVE status to a drive every now and then. If you do not have ample free space, your game may not save your progress and may CRASH during gameplay. Most games I have played crash without even giving out a message when encountered with disk space scarcity.
  10. Calculate the size of your page file and set it accordingly using the formula
    (3.5 * (The amount of RAM on your system))

    This should work wonders for your games.


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