12 February, 2008

Yu gi oh tricks

Tips for playing Yu gi oh TCG:

>Defense is the best offense! Never give up on your defense, if youre high on monster cards.

>Consider putting a lot of spells and very less monster cards(but powerful ones) in your deck. If you built your deck this way, you will do less summoning, and put the opponent to a loss even before the match begins!!

>Always have foresight. Predict what actions your opponent might take in order to avert your attacks. Act accordingly.

>Dont put too many summoned monster cards into your deck or you wont have any monsters for a tribute! Your hand will be filled with monsters but you cant summon any of 'em.

>While there is little/nothing you can do once GOD cards like EXODIA or DESTINY BOARD are activated, you can work from the starting of the match to prevent them ever from getting activated. For example, EXODIA relies on getting all of EXODIA's body parts before you can summon him. The cards have to be in the players hand for this. If even on of those cards is not present, the player wont be able to summon him. Thus, you can work to deprive him of such cards. Use "Forceful sentry" to get his card when he isnt summoning any monsters or his hand is getting filled up.

>When one of your precious "MONSTER REBORN" cards is sent to the graveyard as a result of a MAGIC JAMMER or any such effect, consider using your flip monsters to activate an effect by which you can get such a card from the graveyard.

>Having powerful cards in your deck doesnt mean youre gonna win! Have a combination of summoned creatures and low power, effect cards.

>If you are in a winning position and are looking to knock out the opposition, do NOT use cards which involve a gambling aspect such as TIME WIZARD. If the coin isnt called right, youll lose half the life of the monsters, and all your monsters are destroyed! So be careful.

>Trick your opponent into attacking a face down monster/effect card. There are many ways you can do this, so keep your eye peeled for the instructions on the cards.

>If you are playing first, always put up a defensive position first. Do NOT put your monster cards to attack until your opponents monsters give up trying to attack you, and start defending instead. Then, bring out a barrage of summoned creatures to shatter the opposition.

>Put a lot of defensive cards in your deck, preferably ones that have a DEF of 2000 or greater. These cards when played at the starting of the match will give your opponent a tough time, cause very few (non summoned) monster cards have an attack in excess of 2000.

>DO NOT consider attacking with HIGH ATK non summoned creatures unless inevitable. These creatures are switched to their DEF position in the next turn, so youll end up losing your monster. On the other hand, put such cards to a virtual stand-by. DO not attack with them. This way, your opponent will have to destroy them(will be tough) to get to you).

>Its like they say "The bigger they are the harder they fall!". Even though your opponent may give out 2 tributes to summon a GOD monster like "Blue eyes white dragon", such cards can be easily humbled by a "WEAK" monster/EFFECT such as "Man-eater bug", or a trap hole.


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